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Email Marketing

Spanning a variety of customers who had successful outcomes that included an increase in subscribers, CTR (click-through-rate), and conversions to web traffic.

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Welcome to Sobeys

A responsive welcome series campaign that incorporated dynamic content that allowed subscribers to sign-up for either weekly flyers, newsletters, or both in one email.

Click-through-rate (CTR) reached 32% over a 3-month long campaign.

Heart & Stroke Lottery

Imagine the possibilities...

Annual H&S lottery email campaign with multiple welcome email streams explaining all the ways you can win the 7 Grand Prizes.

Combined CTR reached 17%.

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Responsive welcome stream messaging campaign for new travellers to Mexico. Each area of Mexico had its own stream to inform subscribers of unique Xperiences. 

Combined CTR reached 20.2%.

Stratford Festival

It's festival season!

Mobile-first email newsletter designed to mimic the Stratford Festival's new website.

CTR reached 5%.

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