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Knak Rebrand Concept Case Study 2023

yellow stroke.png

My team and I embarked on a fast-paced 10-day journey to rebrand Knak. We aimed to deliver a fresh identity while keeping the logo unchanged. We researched Knak's brand elements and target personas to gather inspiration.


With diverse perspectives, we brainstormed and narrowed down the most promising concepts. Each team member contributed their strengths, collaborating closely and making regular check-ins. After refining and iterating, our concept took shape. We conducted internal reviews and pushed the boundaries further. In just 10 days, we crafted a powerful rebrand concept that showcased Knak's potential.


Creative Direction
Concept Ideation
d Strategy
Art Direction/Graphic Design

Knak Rebrand.jpg
yellow stroke.png

Use Cases

Below you'll find use cases for the sphere, the orbit, updated typography and colour palette, graphic elements, iconography, and stock imagery.

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