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Knak is the first no-code campaign creation platform built for enterprise marketing teams that speeds time-to-market while empowering marketers to be creative.

Below is a selection of projects from my time as the Creative Director of Knak.

• Brand awareness and engagement
• New service engagements

​• Inbound leads and new opportunities

• Customer acquisitions

Creative Direction
Art Direction/Graphic Design
Brand Strategy
Website Strategy
Content Strategy
Video Production
Copywriting & Editing
Project Management
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Knak Video Production
& Editing

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During my time at Knak, I collaborated with a videographer and animator to strategize, produce, and design engaging and impactful videos.


These videos included:
Paid ads

Customer testimonials

Product marketing releases

Product UI videos

Event and experience showcase


I developed comprehensive video strategies that aligned with Knak's brand identity
and marketing objectives. By closely analyzing target audiences and market trends,
I ensured that each video project had a clear purpose and resonated with the intended viewers.

My ability to oversee the entire video production process was a key factor in delivering high-quality content. From conceptualization to execution, I managed every aspect of production, ensuring that deadlines were met without compromising creativity or quality. My design sensibility played a vital role in creating visually appealing and memorable videos. Working closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing, sales, and product development, I ensured that everyone's input was valued and incorporated into the final product. By fostering an open and communicative environment, I encouraged innovative ideas and perspectives, resulting in well-rounded and successful video campaigns.


Creative Strategy
Video Production & Editing
Execution & Wireframing
Project Manage
Voice Acting

Knak - Video Ad 5
Knak - Video Ad 4a
Knak - All in one place
What is Knak

Dark Mode Product Release

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I had the exciting opportunity to lead the creative strategy planning, production, design, and collaboration efforts for the highly successful Dark Mode product release campaign.

As the producer of the campaign assets, I oversaw all project elements, coordinating with the creative team, copywriters, designers, and developers. The design aspects of the campaign were crucial in capturing the attention of our audience and conveying the benefits of Dark Mode. I utilized captivating graphics, an animated product UI video (in which I did the voiceover), and a colour scheme that not only reflected the essence of the product and the quirkiness of the message but also maintained consistency with Knak's overall brand identity.

Individual execution of:
Creative strategy for the webpage, social media post, and blog post

Campaign creation within Knak (emails & landing pages)

Copywriting & Editing
Dark Mode whitepaper layout & graphics


The campaign's achievements not only elevated Knak's position in the market but also reinforced our commitment to delivering innovative and customer-centric solutions.

Creative Strategy

Art Direction/Graphic Design
Website Design
Layout Design
Execution & Wireframing
Project & Campaign Management


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Knak Website

Overseeing the overall design and strategy of the Knak website, I embraced a holistic approach to delivering an impactful online presence.


I began by thoroughly understanding Knak's brand positioning, target audience, and business goals. This foundation allowed me to develop a comprehensive creative strategy that aligned with the brand's objectives and catered to the needs of its audience. I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including designers, developers, and content creators, to ensure a cohesive and seamless integration of design and functionality. Utilizing UX and UI best practices, I crafted visually engaging and intuitive web page designs that guided visitors along their journey and encouraged meaningful interactions.


Through strategic planning, effective collaboration, and ongoing optimization, I successfully managed the overall design and strategy of the Knak website, contributing to its growth and establishing it as a compelling digital platform.

Creative Strategy

Art Direction/Graphic Design
Website Design
Execution & Wi
Project Management


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Knak Website.jpg

Knak Brand
Voice & Copy Style Guide

Creating a brand voice and copy style guide required a thoughtful and meticulous approach, ensuring a consistent and authentic communication strategy. To begin, I embarked on a comprehensive exploration of the brand's essence, values, and target audience. This involved conducting thorough research to understand the brand's unique personality, competitive landscape, and industry trends. Armed with this knowledge, I carefully crafted a brand voice that encapsulated the desired attributes, such as being professional, approachable, and trustworthy. I then translated this voice into a tangible style guide, encompassing both written and visual elements.


The guide provides clear guidelines on language usage, including specific word choices, sentence structures, and tone variations for different contexts. Throughout the process, I remained attentive to the brand's identity and purpose, ensuring that the style guide reflected its essence accurately.


The result was a comprehensive and user-friendly resource that empowered the brand's team to consistently convey its unique voice and build a stronger connection with its audience.

Copywriting & Editing

Layout Design

Art Direction/Graphic Design
Brand Strategy

Knak @ Adobe Summit 2023

Taking on the challenge of designing a 20' x 20' turnkey conference booth for one of the largest conferences in the world, Adobe Summit, took a lot of strategic thinking and collaboration with the Demand Gen and Executive teams at Knak. With a keen understanding of the brand's objectives, I devised a visual strategy that captured attention and left a lasting impression on attendees.

The visual strategy and design incorporated a blend of creativity, functionality, and brand consistency. The booth layout was carefully planned to maximize engagement and facilitate meaningful interactions. Recognizing the power of swag in attracting and retaining visitors, I curated a range of promotional items that not only showcased the brand but also created a sense of excitement and anticipation. From branded merchandise to an interactive claw machine, each item was thoughtfully selected to align with the brand's values and resonate with the target audience.


Creative Strategy
Concept Ideation

Art Direction/Graphic Design
Booth Design
Swag Design

Project Management